Eternal Sunshine

I’m on my last glass of red wine for the night and my boyfriend is snoring right beside me. Time for bed.

Anonymous: Can I be you? Your where I want to be. You have your head on your shoulders, you have a loving, caring and adorable boyfriend. You have your shit together and you have plans and goals for the future. Why is it so hard for me to do the same? You're one of the few who I actually look up to on tumblr. I genuinely would be happy to have you as a friend or even to someone I can just talk to about life and other shit. 💯🙌

Listen, for a long time I was a mess. I didn’t know where I was going, what I was doing, and had no direction in life. I really appreciate this message and love to be somewhat of an idol for you. But understand that just as I achieved happiness and success you can too. Have a blessed night.

Is it strange for me to say that if I were to die today there’s not a thing that I would change? I’ve lived well. Maybe I’ve made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain, but all in all its all ok. I’ve lived well.

Anonymous: Just dont let those perfect pink lips get dark from that weed smoking LOL

Blistex is my best friend. Also, I’m not the type of smoker to suck on a blunt once its smaller than an inch.

Anonymous: Black men are the finest period, they come in all different shades, structures and flavors

Especially when we’re mixed. 

Anonymous: Lipz pic????

Just look at my “Nudes” section on my profile. There is a surplus of lip shots for you to idolize.

Anonymous: are you gay?

I’m an educated, humble, and personable homosexual. Yes.

I’d appreciate a huge bowl of chunky guacamole, a batch of warm tortilla chips, with a side of a plump and juicy lime right about now.

ci-re: i have lyin king & beautiful ruins on repeat right now omg

Beautiful Ruin is so soft and elegant. Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album.

Just purchased Jhene Aiko’s Souled Out album. Can I please extend my gratitude for this work of art and insist that ever single one of you that read this spend your money on this woman’s creation. This is perfect.