Anonymous: you and that guy are a cute couple, i want something like that, but I'm to afraid to come out

His name is Johnathon.

Don’t be afraid to do something you know you genuinely want. Take baby steps, it will all be alright ..

Anonymous: Would u ever film having sex and post it?

I will and have filmed. I would absolutely not post it.

Anonymous: So is his dick around like 6-7 inch ?

Or na ..

Anonymous: Is Cory's dick decent ?

Average is as good as it gets.

Anonymous: you're going to USC? like South Carolina? I live here in South Carolina. 😁

University of Southern California hun..

Have you ever been so exhausted that if you finally built the strength to turn off your laptop, and toss your phone aside you could fall right to sleep.. but you just can’t seem to stop? This is my current dilemma.