theblacksonfive: I keep thinkin youre older than me because you got way more shit together than i do but were the same age ctfu its the aesthetics

Work hard play hard. Thanks for the compliment.

lisalived: You guys are so cute together and its so nice to see happy gay couples together <3 and whats the song 2. called on your playlist btw?

Thank you ☺️ & my playlist is on shuffle.

yeahiminschool: Do you live in NYC or you visiting?

I live in Jersey. Just visiting.

Don&#8217;t ask for my snapchat because it&#8217;s not public

LET ME TELL YOU. Being apart of a live studio audience is a lot more work than one may assume. I enjoyed the show but I’m exhausted. The city drained every ounce of energy I have. I’m not complaining though.

All dressed and still not completely satisfied with my outfit. The fact that its blazing hot doesn’t help that I’m wearing long pants and a buttoned shirt. Lord give me the strength to get through this day. NYC please spare me.

Today I have to take the train to New York City so I can attend the premiere of Americas Got Talent. It’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m still awake rummaging through my entire closet to find an appropriate outfit. Perfectionist problems.